Since the founding of the company, we have been our own harshest critic. Our quest for excellence reflects on our Constant Improvement on our Management System, Manufacturing Process, Quality Control, Delivery Time, Product Variety, etc.

We have and will continue to invest in New Technologies and Machineries to ensure our relevance to the most current trends and needs.

With great passion in cutting edge and innovative furniture designs, Mega Wood Furniture has established itself as a brand that provides quality bespoke solutions for your household or office needs.

We cover a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Storage Cabinets, Tables & Chairs, Office Furniture, etc.

Children are exceptionally creative, and they learn in remarkable Speed. With that in mind, Mega Wood Kids was founded on the premise that in creating a Safe and Sensuous Environment, filled with furniture with Innovative and Interesting Designs, it helps expand the minds of the leaders of tomorrow.

Our approach is Safety First. Our designs always come with round corners with considerations of Height, Clearance, etcetera to ensure the Safety of our children.

Mega Wood Doors & Edging offers a wide variety of Wooden Doors with a diverse selection of finishing, for both Carpenters and End Users.

We pride ourselves with our Workmanship and Customer Satisfaction with our provision of installation services for ABS/PVC Hard Edgings to Wooden Doors, Table Tops and Wooden Panels with high-tech machinery and skilled workers.